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Crofting activiTIes

*Because health and safety are paramount at Castle Wood, we cannot permit the consumption of any dairy produce that we make. Our milk is unpastuerised and we do not currently have a designated dairy area that has been inspected. The  dairy production is to learn the processes and equivalent items are purchased to experience the flavours. We do cook and eat the eggs, vegetables, honey and meat from our croft  on site. Beekeeping can similarly carry the risk of bee stings which some are allergic to so beekeeping activities are limited to non contact.

All of our Crofting Activities are interlinked with Our Crafting Activities. Our growing feeds back into our animal feeding and into our cooking and preserving. We find a symbiosis in all of our activities that help us find our place in nature.

Castlewood Croft donkey and goats in barn.jpg

HOlistic Crofting 

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